Here’s How You Can Tell if Your Computer Has Been, Hacked


Nothing beats being able to surf the internet and find a much-needed answer in a matter of seconds.

Whether it’s work-related, looking up song lyrics, or finding an important how-to article, the ease and speed of technology is priceless. Unfortunately, living in the digital world also comes with some risks. . Computers provide malicious people, like hackers, with a gateway to accessing and stealing your personal data.

Here are 10 signs to look out for that could mean your computer has been hacked.

1. Your computer suddenly starts running slower.

2. Your computer is always hot and its fans are constantly running.

3. Your computer’s webcam starts recording at random times.

4. You’re seeing blinking lights, which usually signal activity, on your computer when it’s idle.

5. Your apps are running slow or constantly crashing.

6. Your browser has random add-ins that you didn’t install.

7. Your webpages are suddenly full of pop-up advertisements.

8. Your web browser homepage is different, but you didn’t change it.

9. You’re having trouble accessing websites that work fine for other people.

10. Your anti-virus software send you a pop-up warning (don’t ignore it!)

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