User experience experts gathered in Dallas, Texas on Sept. 20-22 to partake and exchange ideas in the Big Design Conference. Professionals from companies in several sectors gave speeches and taught workshops in order to strengthen the community of professionals in the field.

MarketScale live-streamed a speech given by Design Strategist at Sabre Corporation, J Schuh.

Schuh’s lecture, titled ‘High Fructose Content’, touched on several topics including the accessibility of content in various forms today and society’s constant desire to consume it. Schuh spoke on the differences in content consumption between the generations.

“We couldn’t take the TV with us. The power cord was stuck to the wall. Now, kids can take their TV and content with them anywhere,” Schuh said.

He also made a point of how widespread addiction to smartphones and technology is among today’s youth. Schuh cited that 78 percent of children check their phones every hour of the day that they are awake.

With generations growing up with smart technologies in their hands, Schuh noted how important the future of the user experience will be.

“As UX designers, it is our responsibility to make these flows easy and seamless and desirable, even delightful,” Schuh said. “Are we adding our own special version of high fructose content to enable that activity?”

Watch the entirety of Schuh’s speech on and make sure to tune in to the next live-stream to be announced soon.