When it seems hackers and security breaches happen as quickly as news outlets can report them, one data security company is taking a “hands-on” approach to digital identity.

On this episode of the Software Tech Podcast, we sat down with Covault founder and CEO Louie Gasparini to discuss how biometrics are the new wave of digital security. Gasperini has been involved in identity security since “identity started on the Internet in building the first online banking system at Wells Fargo back in 1996,” Gasparini said.

“At Covault, we figured identity should be something that you control, like you do with your driver’s license, membership card or credit cards that prove who you are,” the security veteran said. “It should be like that where you’re given an online identity that you can fully control.”

Covault is a digital encryption mobile app for consumers to keep their own personal data and important personally-identifying documents safe and at their disposal with biometric key encryption. Gasparini says, “You should be in control.”

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