How Easy-to-Use, Tech Products are Solving Work from Home Challenges

October 28, 2021


“The most profound change businesses are facing is that employees are not physically present together. But all of those people still need to work together as teams. How can technology help maintain an in-person level of productivity while still managing tech challenges?” – Ron Eccleston

“If you’d asked me how long it would take for tech to get to where we are now, I would have said maybe three years. But the pandemic catapulted us forward exponentially. Now the challenge is to be proactive and get ahead of the curve – to expect the unexpected by working to develop products, services, and software that anticipate and meet needs of the future.” – Cole Baker

In this episode of To The Edge and Beyond, Host Courtney Echerd talked with Ron Eccleston, Global Market Strategist for the Internet of Things (IoT) Group at Intel, and Cole Baker, Senior Global Alliance Manager at LogiTech, the world leader in products that connect people in naturally intuitive ways to the digital experiences they care about. They discussed the many challenges facing companies and their remote workforces during the pandemic, as well as how technology companies have stepped up to meet the demand for solutions that replicate in-person experiences.

The global pandemic has forced companies to rethink how and where their employees work. One of the biggest challenges has been finding ways to ensure that meetings and collaborations can continue without in-person interactions. Thankfully, enterprise IT companies, such as Intel and LogiTech, have been able to anticipate and meet the technology requirements of remote workplaces. “There really aren’t a lot of heavy lifts at this point,” said Eccleston. “You don’t have to have a Ph.D. in IT or IT Support available. It’s really the easy button at this point. It’s plug and play. Anyone can do it, and it’s affordable.”

Looking to the future, neither Eccleston nor Baker feel workplaces will return to the way they were prior to the pandemic. “I don’t believe we’ll ever go back to everyone being in the office,” said Baker. “This hybrid work environment is here to stay. We need to have a flexible, work-from-anywhere mindset as we continue to adjust to this whole new world.”

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