Schuebeler Technologies

For years, it has been difficult for RC aeromodelers to find a silent, clean solution, especially for noisy jet models, but there is potentially a solution that can work for those seeking an alternative to turbine-powered planes.

Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) planes run with multi-bladed propellers, taking in air and spinning at high speeds, resulting in a quieter and more efficient model.

Schuebeler Technologies helps customers in all aspects, making sure an EDF conversion goes right in all ways.

“We look into every detail: the aerodynamic features of the fan itself, rotor blades, stator blades, the inlet design, the outlet design,” said Daniel Schuebeler, Founder of Schuebeler Technologies. “We give the service to the customer to let them know how the inlet looks and what’s the perfect outlet size, but also practical things like controller recommendations, optimization of controller settings. That is very important, so we give a lot of advice on that, and then of course battery choice and size.

“That’s our approach to come up with a great EDF solution. We look at the whole project of the customer.”

While there are some key differences between an EDF and the more traditional propulsion methods, the end product often is something that pleases even choosy aeromodelers.

“I would say when all components have been installed according to specifications and been carefully selected, the customer can expect a model aircraft with excellent performance (that is) long-lasting with reliable propulsion and with a nice sound. But, what’s important (is that it’s also) much more silent and pleasant than with a gas turbine,” said Christian Wileschek, Sales Expert for RC business with Schuebeler Technologies and an aeromodeler himself for years.