How to Use Economic Uncertainty to Gain Competitive Ground With Automation

June 8, 2023

As economic uncertainty continues to grip global markets, many companies are finding unique ways to gain a competitive advantage. This is particularly relevant in the automation industry where innovative solutions are providing businesses with much-needed operational resilience. An interesting statistic from the World Economic Forum predicts that machines will perform more tasks than humans by 2025, which is incredible as they state that humans do 71% of the tasks today.

In a rapidly developing market like this companies must understand how to how to navigate the uncertainty and actually gain market share through the use of automation technologies. This is the challenge addressed in this episode of the “Hai-er Automation” podcast.

In this episode, host Michelle Mooney sits down with Brian Reinhart, Chief Revenue Officer at Hai Robotics. Together, they explore how businesses can use periods of economic uncertainty to advance their operations with automated storage and retrieval systems.

Brian Reinhart, with his extensive background in automation technology and a demonstrated history of generating growth in the industry, provides valuable insights and advice in this discussion.

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