In today’s climate and as reopening continues in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many public spaces, corporations, schools and more may wish to add temperature screening capabilities to their standard security protocol. 

Devices like the Garrett Metal Detectors SmartScan Thermal Screening System are making that simpler. 

SmartScan allows temperature measurements to be taken during a normal security screening, reducing both operational challenges and hassle for operators and those being scanned. 

SmartScan seamlessly integrates into Garrett’s walk-through metal detector solutions, transforming security checkpoints into more holistic, no-contact and multi-functional security stations. 

This integration is critical, as it allows SmartScan to be a cost-effective, efficient temperature detection system that doesn’t require additional time investment as compared to traditional walk-through detectors, saving manpower and money. SmartScan can be purchased as an add-on to and Garrett walk-through detector or retrofitted to any detector already in place. 

Company facilities, sports venues, schools and more need efficient, highly functional screening processes, and temperature checks have become a necessary component of a holistic solution due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

Garrett Metal Detectors’ SmartScan technology is a way to meet those needs without significant capital investment, extra use of floorspace, and more.