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Joanna Massey

CEO & Director JDMA Inc.

NYT vs. OpenAI: Media Agencies Deserve Regular Payments for Intellectual Property in the AI Era


In the wake of The New York Times’ lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft for allegedly using its content without compensation, the media industry faces a pivotal moment in defining the value of its intellectual property in the AI era. This legal action underscores a growing concern: How should media outlets be compensated for the use of their content by AI technologies like large language models, and what does this mean for the protection of intellectual property in the AI era?

Joanna Dodd Massey, Ph.D., an Independent Director at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association with a rich background in technology, psychology, and media, and former communications leader at major corporations like CBS and Condé Nast, offered a compelling perspective on this issue.

“The question is, how much should they be paid? So, and I think there’s two levels to that payment, in my estimation. One of them is, how much should they be paid for the information that was used to initially train the LLMs? And then the second question is, how much should they continue to be paid on a regular basis to allow the LLMs access into their databases to continue to be trained and to continue to be able to give out information?” Dr. Massey said.

Article written by MarketScale.

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