Made in America: Bringing Microchip Production Back to America

January 19, 2022
Zach Werblo

It’s no mystery why and how the supply chain disruption occurred during the pandemic; however, the million-dollar question is: how to fix and prevent it. Premio’s Product Marketing Director, Dustin Seetoo, and Executive Vice President, Kevin Wu, and Intel’s Supply and Demand Manager, Jennifer Bressler, discussed how the companies are combatting this issue with hosts of Made in America, Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern.

To the three guests, the solution is easy: to localize production, reduce time to market, and avoid being at the mercy of international disruptions. While this is easier said than done, both Premio and Intel and making big moves to accomplish these goals.

Semi-conductors are a key part to many technology products and having Premio’s production facility in the U.S. is extremely advantageous. “By having this facility already with semi-conductors in a localized environment, you’re really able to accelerate that time to market for … not only our products but our customer’s products,” Seetoo explained.

For instance, these microchips enable the creation of Premio’s rugged edge computing, which gives customers the ability to collect data at the source while remaining unaffected by the harshest weather conditions. Wan walked Litwin through Premio’s rigorous processes for assembling and quality checking its products, which reinforces the company’s reputation for providing the utmost quality for every customer.

While Premio is doing its part to diversify the microchip supply chain, more efforts are needed. “America’s technological competitiveness is being tested. You got industry experts … that are all raising concern over the decline we’ve seen in U.S. based manufacturing of semi-conductors,” said Bressler.

That’s where Intel comes into play. Intel broke ground last year on two new microchip fabrication plants to support the increase demand for their own products and more.

Having access to more semi-conductors will allow the U.S. to become more competitive and have a more reliable supply source, and companies like Premio and Intel are setting the bar for quality, technology and the future.

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