Made in America

In today’s global marketplace there are still companies surviving and thriving right in our own backyard. We’re hitting the road in search of America’s most interesting companies to answer one question: Why are you proud to be made in America? Season 2 is coming!

Season 1

Made In America: FSG

  Often, the first thing that draws you into a business is its sign. Whether it’s a restaurant sign off of the highway offering a much-needed meal or a gigantic sign on the side of a stadium, a sign is the biggest indicator to customers that a business is open. But, too many times, it’s […]

Made In America: Tidel

  As Carrollton, Texas’s business sector booms and retail establishments drive that growth, one company keeps everything moving forward – Tidel. A provider of cash-management solutions that secure and automate retail cash environments to help retailers improve efficiency, reduce risk and boost profit, Tidel has decades of experience helping retailers that are the cornerstone of communities […]

Made In America: Ergo Robotic Solutions

  At Ergo Robotic Solutions, innovation is continuously merging with tradition. Located in Queensbury, New York, the cutting-edge robotics solutions pumped out at Ergo echo the manufacturing history of the region, giving the company a strong reason to remain Made in America. In this episode, MarketScale’s Daniel Litwin travels to Queensbury to get inside look […]

Made in America: Garrett Metal Detectors

  For more than five decades, Garrett Metal Detectors has called Garland, Texas home, becoming an integral part of the community. Increasingly, Garrett products are also a part of your everyday life – chances are you’ve utilized one of their products without even knowing it, as the company’s detectors have played a critical role in […]

Made in America: Martin Guitars

  The company’s founder and namesake came to America from central Europe in 1833. After spending the first six years in Manhattan, New York he moved with his wife to the Lehigh Valley, home to a growing population of German immigrants. One-hundred eighty-six years later, guitars bearing his name are still being made in the town where he settled.  […]

Made In America: Kentucky Bourbon

  Bourbon & Bluegrass If you’ve ever had a glass of American Whiskey, there’s a high chance it was distilled near Lexington, Kentucky. On this bonus episode of Made In America, we are going to discover what has made this drink so popular for generations, and how Kentucky puts its own stamp on it. Town Branch […]

Made In America: Big Ass Fans in the Bluegrass State

  When a consumer buys a product made in the United States, he or she is making an investment in more than just a physical product. The impact of that purchase ripples through a local economy and can stimulate an entire region. Big Ass Fans has been producing what its name suggests in Lexington, Kentucky […]

Bonus Clips

The History of the Time Delay Safe: Made In America Bonus Clip

  MarketScale’s award-winning original series, “Made in America,” hits the highways and byways of our country seeking out American-made, American-proud companies that are the backbone of our great nation. Over the course of the Tidel episode of MarketScale’s Made In America series, we learned a lot about the diligence and quality Tidel puts into its products. In this […]

How Lexington Brewing Is Leaving Their Mark In Bourbon Country: Made In America Bonus Clip

  On Made in America, the focus is the businesses that choose to remain at home and drive the U.S. economy from within. Before the Town Branch Distillery had the honor of being the first distillery built in Lexington proper in more than 100 years, parent company Alltech built a reputation in the beverage industry […]

Exploring the Gateway to the Adirondacks: Made In America Bonus Clip

  MarketScale’s award winning original “Made in America” series hits the highways and byways of our country seeking out American-made, American-proud companies that are the backbone of our great nation. In this bonus segment, Daniel Litwin of MarketScale makes a stop in Queensbury, New York, and visits with local historians Joan Aldous and Stan Cianfarano. […]

Building Your Neighborhood Brewery: Made In America Bonus Clip

  In this bonus clip from Made in America: Garrett Metal Detectors, MarketScale’s Tyler Kern set out to explore the surrounding community of Garland, Texas that Garrett calls home. To that end, Kern met up with Cary Hodson, owner of Intrinsic Smokehouse & Brewery, to learn how the fabric of Garland’s community influences the tasty […]