As businesses grow into enterprise in scope, the level of sophistication of their payment system grows, too, and the challenge of handling these expanding needs is apparent.

Ori Hay, CEO of Amaryllis, and Viko Bargig, Vice President, Solutions Architect for Amaryllis, take these unique payment challenges and needs of the enterprise customer head on. They spoke with host Daniel Litwin on how they provide payment solutions on such a large and sophisticated level and why enterprise customers need specialized payment solutions.

Bargig said today’s global enterprise-level businesses offer a multitude of options for their customers, with varying platforms and payment options. To meet these needs, they require a payment management system that differs from what a localized business might need. And Bargig sees more and more companies shifting from localized to globalized.

“Today’s enterprise customers are using payments to generate more revenues and more profit,” Hay said. “Small businesses use payments as a commodity. They don’t recognize, in the beginning, how important for them to control the payment chain. This factor is why they outsource it to other companies.”

What do enterprise customers need to do to ensure they build the right payment solution for their needs?

“Each enterprise business should look at as many use cases as they can research to understand their needs,” Bargig said. “Then you have to decide which use cases you’d like to support in the near future and the far future.”

Building the solutions is easy once the decisions get made.

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