MarCam Europe: Servicing Europe and the World

January 1, 2023


In today’s fast-paced world of media production, finding a reliable and versatile camera supplier is essential. This is where MarCam Europe, in partnership with Marshall cameras, takes center stage. MarCam proudly supports and distributes the entire Marshall camera range, catering to a diverse range of filming needs, from the panoramic capabilities of PTZ cameras to the compact versatility of miniature models. With offices in the UK and Belgium, MarCam ensures efficient local service and delivery throughout the European market.

One of the key advantages of partnering with MarCam and Marshall cameras is the ability to have a single supplier for comprehensive filming projects, such as reality TV shows. With their cutting-edge PTZ cameras and state-of-the-art four-k capabilities, filmmakers can rely on the entire Marshall system to capture stunning footage from every angle. This integration sets them apart from their competition, providing customers with a seamless and cohesive filming experience.

Embracing the industry’s trends, Marshall cameras excel in meeting the growing demand for four-k resolution. Moreover, their cameras can accommodate a wide range of specialist lenses, allowing filmmakers to explore endless possibilities in their craft. Marshall stays at the forefront of technology, consistently offering innovative solutions that outpace competitors. Their team possesses unparalleled expertise in their product line, ensuring that customers’ questions and specific application requirements are met with comprehensive answers.

The applications for Marshall cameras seem limitless, as they find use across various industries. However, the rugged and challenging environments where these cameras are deployed can pose significant obstacles. Often used outdoors and subject to unpredictable conditions, these cameras must be ready to perform flawlessly. MarCam Europe recognizes this and collaborates with customers to find practical solutions, addressing issues like compromised image quality due to small cameras with SD cards.

A notable example of their problem-solving expertise is evident in a recent mountain bike race project. Previous attempts to capture quality footage using smaller POV cameras with SD cards fell short. However, MarCam stepped in with their new camera, the CV228, providing the much-needed solution. With this innovative camera, they successfully met the challenge of capturing exceptional broadcast-quality footage, enhancing the overall viewer experience.

Marshall’s commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond the exceptional performance of their cameras. Their strategic inventory management ensures the availability of stock precisely when customers need it, even for last-minute projects. Moreover, their localized support system, spanning from London to Belgium, guarantees personalized assistance encompassing everything from stock availability to pricing and technical advice. At Marshall, the customer is truly king, and their unwavering dedication to customer care sets them apart.

In our upcoming interview on Marshall Broadcast & Pro AV, we have the pleasure of welcoming Tony O’Connor, the Director for MarCam, Spencer Doran, Managing Director, Stuart Watson, Sales & Customer Service, who will share further insights into their innovative approach and commitment to empowering filmmakers with the best tools in the industry. Stay tuned to gain invaluable knowledge from a visionary industry expert and learn how Markam Europe and Marshall cameras are revolutionizing the art of filmmaking.

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