Market Perspective – Navigating the Digital Frontier with Applied Digital

January 1, 2023

Jarrett, a seasoned professional with a journey spanning three decades in the digital infrastructure industry, shared enlightening insights during a recent discussion. Starting his career in the network world and later transitioning to data centers, Jarrett notably held a pivotal role as the COO for Digital Realty. His expertise lies in advising emerging tech companies, particularly in the NVIDIA ecosystem. The dialogue revolved around the evolution of data centers, emphasizing the significant role of AI and machine learning in shaping the future. Key topics included the impact of GPU supply constraints, the transformative role of high-performance computing, and the mounting importance of efficient cooling solutions. As data centers proliferate, Jarrett believes that innovative approaches like Applied Digital’s solutions, especially in areas like latency management and cooling, will determine industry leaders. He envisions a collaborative future where strategic partnerships play a defining role in navigating the rapid industry transformations.

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