Why Do You Need an Ethernet Switch in a Fuel Dispenser?

Fuel centers use network switches to connect devices such as computers, printers, phones, cameras, and servers. These switches allow networked devices to talk to each other efficiently. But what about the fuel dispensers themselves? Do you really need a managed switch there as well? Let’s take a look.


Fuel center networking can be complex. There are different types of data running throughout the system, and each type requires data segmentation to remain secure. Traditional segmentation is manual, highly-technical, and requires a team of IT professionals to be done correctly.

Before the availability of high-speed secure wireless Ethernet in fuel dispensers, retailers were forced to excavate their forecourt to perform extensive rewiring. This resulted in major construction and labor costs, and necessitated fuel center downtime. And utilizing existing wiring for the installation made the security and reliability of the results questionable at best. Fortunately, there’s a better way.

The AvaLAN Wireless In-Dispenser Unit offers plug-and-play, wireless Ethernet. Transmissions utilize a proprietary protocol combined with  encryption technology and segmented networking for secure and reliable local wireless connectivity. This essentially provides “double encryption” like security. The AW584EMVSU can be installed inside the fuel dispenser in about 5 minutes, securely connecting it to the store’s network.

In addition to the secure wireless local area connection, a secure managed switch has been integrated into these units to connect additional fuel center devices like your point-of-sale system, merchant service gateway, and forecourt controller. And ample bandwidth is available for premium forecourt solutions like video or interactive customer engagement. That means AvaLAN Wireless not only provides EMV and PCI compliance today, but it also has the ability to run the high-bandwidth forecourt enhancements of tomorrow.

Switches are available from many providers, but what makes the AvaLAN solution unique is the way it “wraps” the platform with a user-friendly interface. The system typically used to manage a database of MAC addresses is very complex, making interaction difficult for laypeople. AvaLAN has created a simplified, cloud-based interface that’s easy to use and doesn’t require an engineering degree to figure out. Users can actually manage network switches from their phone or tablet. And it’s simple to add new MAC addresses with the intuitive dashboard. One user can even manage multiple sites, helping to bring down costs. It’s simplified remote management and it’s powerful in reducing downtime.

Your fuel center needs the latest technology for secure networking between your fuel dispenser and other devices. AvaLAN can help.

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