On Spatial Perspectives, host Dan Cui will have a one-on-one dialog with innovators and thought leaders in the growing Spatial Reality, or Spatial Computing, market. Cui will invite guests who can discuss the real world use cases of the technology and how it could benefit mankind while exploring any drawbacks and how they might be mitigated.


With many of the companies in the AR VR space being technology companies, it isn’t uncommon for these companies to push their technology instead of the use cases. Medical Realities is taking a different approach.

Dan Cui, Host, Spatial Perspectives spoke with Steve Dann, Chairman & Co-Founder, Medical Realities about how his company is really pushing the use case. VR is a valuable tool they’ve utilized to accomplish that, alongside the assistance of trained medical staff taking on technologist roles.

Part of the reason that Medical Realities works with medical staff in lieu of technologists at times is because of a technologist shortage of sorts at the company. “Where we started off was that we always knew that what we had to do had to be right medically and we have a lot of medical doctors writing for us and scripting what we do,” Dann explained. These staffing resources gave the company a great jumping off point.

Thinking outside the box has its benefits. Dann’s team is always trying to push the envelope a little bit to make use of the greater advances that are happening in spatial computing and immersive technology. “We actually want to attract technologists to actually help us in our journey,” Dann explained while qualifying that utilizing trained medical professionals gave them the kickstart they needed.

Dann shares more about the work Medical Realities is doing, how AR will play a role in the medical industry, and how COVID-19 has affected their business on the latest episode of Spatial Perspectives.

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