Sennheiser’s Ron Holtdijk Spotlights Key Trends Reshaping Professional Audio Visual Market

January 1, 2023

In a recent interview, Ron Holtdijk, Executive Vice President of Sennheiser’s business communication division, shed light on the prominent trends evolving in the professional audio visual market.

The first trend highlighted by Holtdijk is the rising adaptation to virtual meetings, a pattern that predates the COVID-19 pandemic but has only intensified in its wake. Corporate social responsibility initiatives and an increasing desire to reduce unnecessary travel have led many businesses to embrace virtual meetings and digital communication platforms more enthusiastically than ever before.

Secondly, there’s a growing concern among consumers regarding physical contact with audio devices and microphones. This has prompted a shift towards touchless audio solutions. Holtdijk emphasized the increasing demand for such innovations, noting that many businesses are now moving away from handheld microphones in favor of less tactile alternatives.

Finally, with more companies adopting virtual meetings, there has been a substantial increase in meeting spaces equipped with advanced audio technology. As a result, the need for optimizing digital workflows has become more evident. Sennheiser’s Control Cockpit has been at the forefront of this trend, continuously evolving over the years to meet the burgeoning demands of digitally integrated businesses.

As for what’s next for Sennheiser, Holtdijk exudes excitement about the upcoming year, especially concerning the expansion of the TeamConnect family of products. “Once the dust has settled with ISE, you will see more additions to the TeamConnect family,” Holtdijk affirmed, hinting at significant innovations in the pipeline.

Through this conversation, it is evident that Sennheiser continues to adapt and innovate, staying at the cutting edge of industry trends to meet the evolving needs of its customers in the professional audio visual space.

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