When nightfall arrives, wildlife enthusiasts, first responders, ranchers, and hunters alike must often cut their activities short. Whether it’s bird watching, performing a search and rescue, locating livestock, or going after the big kill, until now, no action camera existed to enhance these pursuits during both day and nighttime hours. Extend your endeavors deep in to the night with Aurora Night Vision by SiOnyx!
Aurora night vision captures monochrome or color videos and photos under extreme low light conditions at a price that’s affordable. Ideal for a wide range of applications, Aurora provides unparalleled capabilities to utility workers forced to work at night, to school buses traveling home after late night games, for ATV riders, cyclers and hikers roaming the range during the dark, and so much more.
Ruggedly built and powered by SiOnyx’s black silicon platform, Aurora is the world’s first small, low cost, high performance action camera with real night vision. Bring the wonders of the night to life with Aurora by SiOnyx!


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