The Drone Industry’s Promising Future as 2021 Dawns

At CES 2021, a conference showcasing the latest technological innovations, companies showcased the latest and greatest in drone technology. At the same time the event was taking place, another conversation was happening about what the future of the industry would look like in the next few years.

Juniper Unmanned Director of Strategic Programs Jason San Souci met with Stephen Glaus, a U.S. Army veteran who now works at Consortiq as a business development specialist.

He reflected on his work as a drone pilot in the military, noting that no one knew what the industry really was back in 2013.

“The only thing that resonated with the general public was that drones were these scary things in the military that blew things up… and that is finally shifting,” he said.

“Drones are these advanced, really useful business tools, and they’re going to change the way we do so many things in this world … and make us even more connected as a global workforce, and people are really starting to realize that.”

In fact, government organizations like the Federal Aviation Administration and the Bureau of Labor Statistics are taking steps to validate the industry and move it forward as well. Meanwhile, some colleges are now offering standardized training for those interested in pursuing a career in the field.

“Now, kids can legit grow up saying, ‘I want to work with drones,’ and not get laughed at, because that’s going to be a legitimate, merited career for them to pursue,” Glaus said.

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