The Future of Checkout is Touchless – and that Future Is Now

As reopening hits full stride and customers return to entertainment venues, retailers and convenience stores en masse, their expectations for their experience have changed forever.

Gone are the days of heavy interaction and leisurely trips up and down the aisle. The modern, post-COVID-19 consumer wants grab-and-go, touchless functionality from start to finish.

Convenience stores of the future – which are now actually the c-stores of the present – need ways to meet these desires head on.
While fully automated stores, delivery and mobile ordering certainly have their place, one of the most immediate ways to do just that is to engage in touchless checkout process.

Today’s leading self-checkout solutions offer true touchless experiences that don’t sacrifice speed and efficiency. Powerful computer vision and contactless payment help these solutions identify numerous items and accept payment via mobile device and more in seconds, getting consumers in, out and on their way.

Mashgin has pioneered one such system, offering a way for c-stores and more to bring customers simple, instant checkout with no barcodes, no cash and no wait. These solutions can have a measurable impact on c-store operations, bringing 10 times faster item identification and a holistic experience that keeps customers satisfied and coming back.

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