The Myths and Facts of Thermal Imaging in UAVS: Drones In America

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Each week, Drones in America introduces listeners to guests who are leaders, influencers and experts with critical insight into America’s drone industry.

This week, host Grant Guillot of the law firm Adams and Reese was joined by the sUAS Global Segment Leader for FLIR Systems Randall Warnas. Warnas is a drone industry veteran and expert who is also a featured panelist on tomorrow’s Younger Leaders and Entrepreneurs in the Drone Industry webinar.

One of the main stories surrounding drones this spring has been employing “Pandemic Drones” as thermal imaging tools to help enforce social distancing protocols. FLIR is one of the biggest names in the game for thermal imaging, and it’s likely the new normal will include temperature checks at large-scale venues. FLIR is getting numerous contracts for these types of uses, but Warnas discussed how “Pandemic Drones,” at this point, are all hype, not practical tools. UAVs are equipped with thermal imaging cameras, yes, but the ability for a sensor to pinpoint a single individual is far from being a reality.

In addition being a known speaker on the conference circuit, Warnas is an advocate for adding diversity to the drone industry. Warnas recently hosted a webinar titled Women in Drones, which discussed industry insights and how to take concrete action aimed at providing key opportunities for powerful women to leave their mark on the industry.

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