The New CEO of Autel Is Keen on Domestic Manufacturing of Drones

Randall Warnas was recently announced as the newest CEO, of Autel, which specializes in the R&D, production, sales and service of automotive intelligent diagnostics, detection and analysis systems and automotive electronic components.

“I think one of the biggest trends in the drone industry that has my interest is this push for domestic manufacturing. I think that we need to get to some more granularity on what exactly is expected by drone users.

When you do have technology that is manufactured here in the United States, is the purpose just to have that technology developed in the United States, or is it really about finding a more secure drone solution?

I think that understanding whether we’re willing to wait a significant amount of time for domestic manufacturers to catch up or if we’re willing to take the best technology in the world [is critical].

[When it’s] based here, the screws are turned here, the data stays here, and there’s people accountable within the country, [but is] that enough to really drive the drone technology and drone industry forward?”

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