The Next Gen of Wireless Connectivity Part 2 of 2

June 14, 2023

The wireless revolution is shaping and reshaping the broadband industry. WIFI 6, 5G, and rapidly approaching 6G technology create exciting new opportunities in Industry 4.0 networks and IoT devices.

The expansion of IoT devices, in particular, showcases this technology’s growth, with a predicted 55.7 billion connected devices worldwide by 2025. What will connect those devices, provide higher performance, lower latency, and faster data rates; WIFI 6, WIFI 6E, and 5G networks.

Wavelengths host Daniel J. Litwin continued to explore this multitude of next-gen wireless connectivity with Allen Proithis, CEO of GXC. In their previous episode, [insert link to episode 1] Litwin and Proithis broke down the core technologies and ecosystems fueling Industry 4.0 and IoT with a deep dive on some of the most integral advancements in WIFI 6 and 5G shaping advances in use cases and services today.

On the conclusion of this two-part conversation, Litwin and Proithis focus on IoT and discuss:

  • How the proliferation of IoT ecosystems and technologies are shaping broadband company strategies and approaches
  • How network technology like Amazon Sidewalk fits into the rest of the wireless revolution
  • GXC’s cellular mesh technology and the differences between this and other next-gen wireless technologies

“We’re one of the only providers, one of the very few, that have a turnkey private cellular solution,” Proithis said. “There’s a lot of good individual gear. You buy a Gateway here, you buy the different chunks of software you need to control from other places, but then you have to integrate it. And then what happens? You must scale it. It’s not designed for enterprise to scale. So, first off, we have a turnkey system; everything’s pre-integrated and ready to rock. You put up a couple of lunchboxes with antennas, and you’re Rockin’ & Rollin’.”

About Allen:

Allen Proithis is a transformational business leader known for creating breakthrough global programs, launching award-winning new products/services, and developing impactful strategic partnerships over his nearly twenty-year career in telecommunications. Most recently, Proithis led various advisory projects with a wide range of mobile and emerging technologies with private equity and large and emerging companies. This work includes developing 5G and IoT applications, strategies, partnerships, and business models. Proithis is a Penn State graduate with a B.A. in Telecommunications.

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