The Next Gen of Wireless Connectivity

May 17, 2023

The way the world accesses the internet is in constant flux and at an ever-increasingly rapid pace. WIFI 6, 5G, and 6G are all heavy hitters of the next generation of wireless connectivity that will drive IoT and Industry 4.0 networks.

As Industry 4.0’s use cases become more standardized, instead of bleeding edge, the internet of things further converges OT and IT. As the devices connecting to these evolving networks grow in scope and industry touchpoints, it becomes more critical than ever to choose the right technology for the right environment.

How are these technologies reshaping the broadband industry in general and, specifically, around partnerships, services, and solutions provided? What are the strategies for expanding their wireless broadband networks?

Wavelengths host Daniel J. Litwin explored this multitude of next-gen wireless connectivity with Allen Proithis, CEO of GXC.

Litwin and Proithis’ wide-ranging conversation on the next-gen wireless connectivity landscape includes:

  • A breakdown of the core technologies and ecosystems fueling Industry 4.0 and IoT
  • The most important advancements in WIFI 6, 5G, and 6G shaping advances in use cases and services today
  • Global expansion of these technologies in the broadband industry

“Every country has its own licensing scheme for allocating spectrum for 5G,” Proithis said. “And then, separate from that, they have an approach to licensing for private networks. So, the trick is to really understand the specifics of the geographic location you’re going in. What it really comes down to is the equipment.”

About Allen:

Allen Proithis is a transformational business leader known for creating breakthrough global programs, launching award-winning new products/services, and developing impactful strategic partnerships over his nearly twenty-year career in telecommunications. Most recently, Proithis led various advisory projects with a wide range of mobile and emerging technologies with private equity and large and emerging companies. This work includes developing 5G and IoT applications, strategies, partnerships, and business models. Proithis is a Penn State graduate with a B.A. in Telecommunications.

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