Companies rely on data for every facet of their business operations. But how clean and accurate is that data when the time comes to utilize it? Jimmy Hall, the Vice President of Engineering and Product Services at 3-GIS, recently discussed this issue and offered his advice to maintain data integrity in an ever-growing complex world of data management.

“The problem,” said Hall, “is when an immediate need for the data bubbles up, and companies realize they do not have strong clean data available.” Two things Hall frequently comes across is incomplete data collection and improper maintenance of data that is collected.

The growing complexity of networks and the increased amount of data available to businesses means better workflow planning is needed to ensure accurate data integrity. “With the internet of things, 5G, and all of the different connections we’re going to have on our networks, and the many identification components on the network, it’s going to require a lot more attention to the data that supports managing those networks,” said Hall.

What are the solutions for building and maintaining a system to handle large amounts of complex data in the telecommunications world? Hall said the expectation should be to manage data at both a fiber and wavelength level. “A robust, efficient system manageable down to those levels is a necessity. The system should be something that downstream groups within the company can access to pull data out of.”

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