Unleashing the Full Potential of High-Performance Computing: TMGcore’s Pioneering Solution for Optimal Performance and Efficiency

January 1, 2023

In an increasingly data-driven world, technology is enabling possibilities that were previously confined to imagination – from access to top-tier healthcare in the comfort of our homes, to intelligently connected cities and democratized artificial intelligence. These remarkable developments are contingent on the rapid accumulation, processing, and storage of vast amounts of data, a task performed by powerful high-performance computers. However, the ability to utilize this computational prowess to its full potential has been limited by a critical constraint: cooling solutions.

Traditionally, high-performance computing technologies have relied on air cooling, which has proven to be inefficient due to air’s thermodynamic properties. This method has resulted in dropped phone calls, lags in map applications, and transaction failures, as the inefficiency of air cooling impacts performance. The space, power, and real estate requirements of air cooling also exacerbate the issue, driving up resource demands and costs.

This is where TMGcore steps in, with a dedicated mission to overcome this significant hurdle and “reinvigorate Moore’s Law,” which suggests computing power doubles every 18-24 months. By developing advanced two-phase liquid immersion cooling technology, TMGcore aims to replace the inefficient air-cooling methods of the past and pave the way for a new era of technological growth.

In TMGcore’s solution, processors are immersed in a dielectric fluid, which acts as a superior heat rejection vehicle compared to air. This innovation allows for increased density and enhanced processor performance, enabling technologies to advance at an unprecedented pace. With this system, TMGcore has developed fully integrated solutions for extreme computing densities, featuring state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions that can be remotely managed and operated.

TMGcore’s award-winning collaborations with chip manufacturing and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) server providers are driving the evolution of current technologies and the development of next-generation processors. In conjunction with leading fluid manufacturers, TMGcore’s cutting-edge lab is pushing the limits of existing offerings and developing more advanced solutions.

By pioneering these advancements in high-performance computing technology, TMGcore is not only solving a significant industry challenge but is also bringing the future of computing into the present. It is indeed time for the world to become “OTTO ready” – ready to embrace a world where advanced high-performance computing technology is within everyone’s reach.

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