Rising Demand Requires Efficient Corrugated Press Solutions

Corrugated production is in high demand. As operators look to become more productive and efficient, they need new solutions. Discussing the industry and innovation, Unlocking Potential featured Baldwin Technology sales leaders Lee Simmons and Myles Le-Monte Shepherd.

Simmons said that long-lasting partnerships with customers are the source of much innovation.
“We want to make the press operator’s job safer and easier,” Simmons said. “Cleaning brushes for printers were a gamechanger for offset printing, and now corrugated is on that same trend. It eliminates wasted time while maintaining quality.”

Shepherd, who specializes on the drying side of Baldwin’s solutions, noted that automation capabilities remove as much human interaction as possible. “In the past, operators had to set the dryer for each job. They may forget to, which can waste energy and dry out the product too much.”

With new technology, the adjustments are automatic. Shepherd also described the safety features in the system and camera vision to see inside the print unit. “If the temperature goes beyond a safe limit, it shuts down.”

The cleaning brushes for corrugated presses are also designed for efficiency. “It automatically cleans the entire area, which would take 10 to 15 minutes to do manually and occurs many times a day. You can save 90% of time here, so ROI is extremely short,” Simmons said.

These new tools create opportunities for the industry to remain efficient, competitive, and adaptable. “Our technologies accomplish this and are likely to become standard parts of the machine. The drying and cleaning enhance productivity and quality. With our IoT technology, you can also measure performance,” Simmons added.

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