Unpacking Peak: How to Turn Your Current Operational Pains Into Future Gains

January 10, 2024
Michelle Dawn Mooney


How can businesses transform the high demand and challenges of their peak seasons into opportunities for efficiency and growth in warehouse operations?

In this episode of the Hai-er Automation podcast, presented by Hai Robotics and hosted by Michelle Dawn Mooney, Technical Sales Executives Jake Ethridge and Vince Donato explore the transformative potential of warehouse goods-to-person automation. They unpack how this technology can reshape businesses’ approach to busy season challenges, offering actionable strategies for turning peak season pressures into gains.

“We wanna leverage automation to overcome these hurdles and be able to moderate the toll it takes on the company during those peak season surges,” Ethridge said, emphasizing the role of automation in moderating the toll of peak season surges.

“By using goods-to-person automation, you’re able to ramp up your warehouse operations without having to increase your workforce, which is especially valuable when it’s not easy to find labor for warehouses,” Donato added.

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