What Increased Video Demand Means For IT and AV

February 9, 2023

Internet connectivity was an essential ingredient that helped many industries continue operating throughout the pandemic. The internet traffic boom that resulted from work-from-home policies increased demand on network connectivity that still remains to this day. How are IT and AV companies handling this demand and what are they doing to prepare for the future?

On the newest episode of the Signal Flow by AVIXA, host Ben Thomas sits down with George Herbert, Customer Support with Epiphan, about the steady increase in demand on network connectivity. The two discuss…

  • Why the line between AV and IT is blurred and why it’s important to understand the common goal between the two
  • How technology and network use has continued to increase since the massive spike during the height of the pandemic
  • What the demand on network infrastructure means for the future of device management

“Our goal, in everything we do, is we want to try to help tear down some of those traditional barriers that have made broadcast difficult in some ways and make sure that everybody at all markets, at all levels has access to really high-quality video and audio for whatever it is that they need to do,” said Herbert.

Herbert has been in the tech world for nearly twenty years. Prior to his role with Epiphan, Herbert worked as a Tech Manager for RB Computing Inc. He earned the ESET Cyber Security Awareness Training Certificate in October 2022.

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