What to Consider When Outfitting Response and Preparedness Centers

No one wants an emergency – but it pays to expect one.

By being prepared for any number of crises and critical events, you can ensure that your response is efficient and effective, allowing you to be agile and swift in real time and to resolve challenges before they wreak havoc.

However, much of America isn’t prepared. In fact*:

  • Only 26.4% of Americans had a communication plan that accounted for a disruption of cell service
  • Only 36.5% even have an emergency meeting location

The more that emergency response and preparedness centers can disseminate information and guide response to these critical events, the safer their communities will be.

Emergency response and preparedness centers are ideal for:

  • Severe Weather Monitoring, Including Hurricanes and Heatwaves
  • Wildfires and Other Emergencies
  • Pandemics
  • Security Emergencies

In every case, an emergency response and preparedness center needs:

  • A large, central video wall displaying easy-to-read, real-time data
  • Furniture that facilitates collaboration, agility and ergonomics
  • A empowered staff with user-friendly tools and data it needs to act quickly and decisively

When emergency response and preparedness centers are outfitted correctly, they empower teams to:

  • Quickly gather and share critical information
  • Coordinate and initiate key response initiatives
  • Manage personnel
  • Ensure their communities and regions are prepared and ready to act at all times

Emergency response and preparedness centers are responsible for decisions with the power to save lives, and they need the tools and real-time data to match.

If you need to update or create an emergency response and preparedness center, contact Constant Technologies today at 800.518.7369 or info@constanttech.com


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