Why Should I Become A Microdrones Dealer? Places

In this series of videos, the marketing team discusses the Microdrones/Distributor relationship and examines some of the reasons to become a Microdrones Distributor. The answers they come up with have been divided into a 4 part video series. Here, they review the places where Microdrones makes a difference.

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Microdrones has strategically built a global footprint to efficiently distribute products while providing you the support you need in your market. It’s a big world, but when you plug into the Microdrones distribution network, you are connecting with qualified professionals who will help you efficiently build your integrated drone systems business.

“We’re active on six continents,” explains Mike Dziok, Vice President of Marketing. “So, it’s important that in those various markets you’re able to get out to present and to educate to the distributor and their prospects and customers.”

Microdrones goes to great lengths to make sure they have an in-person presence with the distributors. Bret Burghdurf, Marketing Director for the Americas explains, “Support is a big part of working with people, especially over such a large geography. So, with new technology, sometimes you’re going to run into some issues. You’re going to run into some new things that you haven’t encountered. Our clients are really pushing these drones to the limit.”

Having a local presence helps resolve any of these issues quickly, so that end-users can keep working the drones. That’s why Microdrones continues to expand and make sure they have the right people in the right places. This also makes the team more mobile and able to provide critical support for all aspects of selling and servicing a drone, from technical guidance and training to sales and marketing.

It’s also important for distributors to have easy access to well qualified sales managers, to aid in prospecting and developing sales. Burghdurf says, ““Globally, we try to structure it so that we’ve got sales directors in the west of the United States, down in the south. We have someone who covers Canada and the northeast. There’s someone in Central America and South America and then all of Europe. So, we have different sales people that can work with distributors, strategically placed throughout the world.

Microdrones rapidly expanding distribution network consists of reginal offices, distributors and sales managers locations throughout the world. If you’d like to join the network.CLICK HERE to speak to one of our representatives.

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