The IoT market is growing. What are some of the wireless solutions that can help revolutionize the technology that’s revolutionizing devices? Felisa Chuang, Product Manager RF, Antennas, at TE Connectivity, shared her thoughts on the emerging trends she sees in the wireless connectivity space.

5G is the big story in wireless today, but Chuang said there are some basic requirements engineers need to design 5G-accessible IoT devices.

“5G requires device designs of very high efficiency for high-quality signal transmission and optimized battery life,” Chuang said. “And the devices will be smaller and smaller, so the design will be very important.”

Another challenge for 5G use is IoT devices will need to operate multiple frequencies and require additional bandwidth. There’s a lot to engineer into a small design.

As smart buildings and smart homes gain popularity, Chuang stressed the need for more antennas to handle all of the additional wireless connectivity needs.

“We need to consider how to develop and design these antennas without interfering,” Chuang said. “Multi-op antenna assembly will enable the highest quality wireless servers for the extended range.”

Looking ahead to the future, Chuang noted technology is the one thing that keeps moving forward.

“Interconnected devices that can transmit and share data and bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds, like IoT devices, help us create very smart environments,” Chuang said.

She hopes these advancements make a better, more connected human environment and one that can help preserve animals in their natural habitats.

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