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Challenges and Solutions for Designers Creating eVTOL Platforms

Taylor Fitzpatrick, Product Manager of Power Connectors at TE Connectivity, spoke on the challenges designers face when creating eVTOL platforms and the solutions they can use to help solve them. Without the proper battery management strategy, eVTOL aircraft cannot glide or auto-rotate. Fitzpatrick said that, along with needing sufficient battery storage for an eVTOL flight, […]

The Soaring Growth of Commercial Drones

750,000 to 17 million – that’s quite the differential. These two numbers reflect where the commercial drone market is today, and where it’s projected to be by 2029. Why are commercial drones rising so quickly in popularity? That’s what ConnecTEd World’s Tyler Kern wanted to know. Luckily for Kern, Catharina Atalaia Santos, a Field Application […]

How to Overcome the Power Cabling Challenges in eVTOL Vehicles

Flying cars, something once thought of as pure science fiction, are nearly ready for takeoff. However, eVTOL vehicles, or electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles, still have some barriers to overcome before they take to the skies at scale. Bruce Conway, Principal Scientist for AD&M Wire Development at TE Connectivity, spoke on power distribution needs […]

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Gets Smarter, Lighter, and More Powerful

Powering Urban Air Mobility (UAM) has challenges and solutions. Continuing the series on this vertical on Future of Air Transportation, host Tyler Kern sat down with Marcus Priest, Senior Principal Engineer at TE Connectivity. As UAM becomes more complex and mainstream, the configuration and needs around power are evolving. That requires new components that drive higher […]

The Future of Air Transportation: UAM, AAM, and eVTOL

Martin Cullen discusses the exciting new world of urban air mobility with technology advancements in electric-powered, vertical-takeoff and landing vehicles.

Outdoor Surveillance in a Post-COVID World

  As smart technology advances by leaps and bounds, the benefits that outdoor surveillance can provide cities are virtually limitless. In fact, places like Singapore and Tokyo have already begun using outdoor surveillance technology to great effect. To get a better understanding of the state of the industry today, Tyler Kern invited Felisa Chuang, Product […]

Connected World: The Latest Trends in the Test & Measurement Industry

  Electronics’ increasing role in today’s society requires the assurance of reliability and functionality of such devices through test & measurement (T&M). Connected World tapped Ryan Chen, Global Product Manager, Board to Board, for TE Connectivity for updates and insights on the latest trends in the T&M industry. “Before electronics reach end-users, they must be […]

What’s on the Horizon For Wi-Fi?

  It’s difficult to think of a technology more utilized than Wi-Fi, especially in a year that’s brought a sweeping transition to work-from-home and put a microscope on everyone’s home networks. Plenty of families have been sent scrambling, trying to figure out how to have enough bandwidth for mom taking a Zoom meeting, children doing […]

Wireless IoT Challenges in the Super-Connected World

  One area that is growing in importance for wireless IoT is the quality of service. Christian Koehler, Manager of Product Management for RF Solutions at TE Connectivity, spoke about the various challenges facing wireless IoT in this super-connected world. Costs, scalability, security and ecosystem are all areas of concern for wireless IoT providers, Koehler […]

AI 101: How Artificial Intelligence Is Driving Innovation

  Everyone knows the term artificial intelligence, or AI,, and some may understand the impact it has on their lives to varying degrees. But what exactly is AI, and what role is it playing today and into the future? At TE Connectivity, Chris Blackburn, Technologist on the System Architecture Team, helped break down artificial intelligence […]

Connected World: RF Technology Will Only Continue to Connect Our World

  Even if you don’t know it, radio frequency technology is part of your life. Whether it’s mobile phones, WiFi routers, remote controls, laptops or other devices, nearly all of them use this type of antenna technology. That isn’t going to be changing any time soon, according to Amos Cheah, Senior Manager, R&D and Product […]

ConnecTEd World: Wireless Solutions for IoT

  The IoT market is growing. What are some of the wireless solutions that can help revolutionize the technology that’s revolutionizing devices? Felisa Chuang, Product Manager RF, Antennas, at TE Connectivity, shared her thoughts on the emerging trends she sees in the wireless connectivity space. 5G is the big story in wireless today, but Chuang […]