Women’s History Month Recap with Susan Post and Silvi Hernandez

January 1, 2023
irfan ullah

Susan Post and Silvi Hernandez of Pavion continue the Women’s History Month
series by sharing their own experiences in the security industry and advice for women in
underrepresented fields seeking to take on leadership roles.

The safety, security, and communication industry isn’t one you probably think about often, but when anything goes awry with a business or home’s tech or physical security systems, it certainly wreaks havoc. The security industry is predominantly male-dominated like many other fields, with women holding less than one-fourth of the leadership roles in this sector.

So, how can females in the security industry pave their own path and rise to leadership roles?

On today’s episode of the VCC Women in Construction spotlight series, host Michelle Dawn Mooney speaks with Susan Post, Chief Strategy & Integration Officer, and Silvi Hernandez, Chief Financial Officer, both of Pavion, to continue their series honoring Women’s History Month through discussions about the role women play in the security industry.

“It’s really about leaning in and it’s not just females in, some of what I would say, back office, more traditional roles. But even, we have female insulation managers, female service managers. We have project managers. These are exciting roles that women can be very, very successful in and we are excited to see that grow within our organization and even in the industry…I think this is the time. The time is now. All the women out there that are ambitious and excited about premier professions should feel that the opportunities are there and women like myself and Susan are absolutely there to promote and help that growth,” Hernandez explained.

Post summarized the purpose of the series, “If anyone gets anything out of these series, is what I said in the first series: Don’t wait to be asked. Ask for what you want or what you want to do and pave your own path.”

Susan Post is the Chief Strategy & Integration Officer at Pavion and is an experienced security industry professional with team management and operational program development experience. She has previously worked as VP of Operations at CTSI and VP of Service Delivery and Customer Service at Johnson Control, in addition to numerous other roles in the security industry. Post holds a B.B.A. in Finance from the University of Florida.

Silvi Hernandez is an experienced accounting and finance professional who is currently Chief Financial Officer at Pavion. Hernandez has served as VP of Finance at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences and VP of Finance for ORBCOMM, amongst other prior positions. Hernandez earned her B.S. in Accounting from Florida International University and her MBA in International Business from Florida Atlantic University.

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