Creating a More Mobile Friendly Stadium Experience: Salary Capped

It is Friday! But we have a special edition of Salary Capped.

For the last several years, stadiums have been shifting the stadium experience from the traditional ticket stub and concession line experience to a more mobile friendly and contactless experience.

The adoption has been slow but through the unfortunate circumstances from COVID, venues are able to rethink the entire experience and rebuild the expectations for what the live sports industry can be.

I sat down with one company whose narrative is similar and is relaunching itself to a platform that unifies data from every event venue system, then analyzes the data to provide truly personalized digital experiences to each individual.

More About Realife Tech

As states begin to reopen and restrictions on large gatherings are becoming more relaxed, many concerts and sports teams are looking into ways that they can keep their fans safe and re-implement comfortability in returning to live events. LiveStyled is announcing its relaunch as “Realife Tech” with lead funding from Virgo Investment Group. The Experience Automation Platform unifies data from every event venue system, then analyzes the data to provide truly personalized digital experiences to each individual.

Realife Tech’s platform aggregates data from multiple systems including apps, ticketing systems, Wi-Fi, point-of-sale, digital advertising screens and access control points to provide functionality in reducing queues at entry and exit, contactless ordering and collection of food, beverage and merchandise items, delivering targeted safety and crowd-density messaging through the venue or team’s mobile app and website.

Realife Tech works with iconic venues and partners such as The O2 Arena London, The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, LA Galaxy and Outside Lands Festival to implement messaging, features, and protocols that mitigate risk and help fans feel comfortable returning to live events.

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