Disney’s Bob Iger Steps Down as CEO: Business Casual

Earlier this week, Disney announced that the CEO of the company, Bob Iger, was stepping down, shocking the media industry as much for its timing (his contract was through the end of 2021) as for its substance. Disney’s CEO for more than 15 years—since Michael Eisner’s departure in 2005—Iger built Disney into one of the world’s largest and most admired media and entertainment companies in the world, home to some of the most respected and beloved brands around the globe, with acquisitions that include Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and 21st Century Fox. Known for his strategic vision for generating the best creative content, fostering innovation, utilizing the latest technology and expanding into new markets around the world, his sudden announcement, which came without a hint or warning, has prompted much speculation including why he stepped down, how Bob Chapek will fill his shoes, and what’s next.

On this Business Casual segment, Secure the Bag with Taylor Bagley, Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern chat with Bagley to discuss the possible reasons for and outcomes of, as some would say, this drastic move.

“This leads us to wonder, what do we have in the future here for the company? We’ve seen changes in leadership have significant impacts on how that company moves forward, and you know, obviously this is one that isn’t going to have a small rippling effect by any means,” Bagley said.

“Disney became the giant we know it as today under Bob Iger’s leadership.” Litwin asked, “So, will a change in leadership really change the direction of the company? Was Bob Iger failing at leading the company into their digital new frontier? Or is this just kind of a PR facelift?”

Listen to the podcast to hear the discourse between Bagley, Litwin and Kern as they contemplate Iger’s possible motivation for stepping down, the success and what could be termed as failures under his leadership, and more.

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