With each passing week, eSports is getting harder and harder to ignore as a massive player in the world of sports and entertainment. If you look past the constant questions that go something like, “You mean to tell me people just watch other people playing video games?”, you begin to see that big brands are buying into what eSports is selling.

In the past week alone, 16-year old Kyle Giersdorf collected $3 million of prize money for winning the first Fortnite World Cup and one of the world’s most popular gamers, Ninja, announced an exclusive deal with Microsoft’s streaming platform called Mixer. The viewership numbers for these big events aren’t lost on brands who are looking to grab the attention of gamers for advertising purposes.

On this excerpt from MarketScale’s weekly radio show, Business Casual, Tyler Kern and Daniel Litwin discuss the rapid growth of eSports and the attempts by brands to cash in on sponsorship opportunities.

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