Extending Performance Requires A Collaboration Between Different Disciplines

Joel Totoro’s love for professional sports and health has teed him up for a successful career as Director of Sports Science at Thorne. Totoro noticed that the development of a holistic approach has helped extend careers. Teams now include full-time dieticians, psychologists, physical therapists, and the primary care team.

“Using health and wellness can be an enhancer in the game,” Totoro recognizes that extended careers are attributed to “the collaboration between different disciplines, nutrition and metabolic, strength coaches, psychologist, taking care of it [wellbeing] from all aspects.” Health is an interconnected system. We’re shifting and becoming more focused on preventative care, and understandably, Totoro says, “is what healthcare should be.”

Thorne is leading the way in quality and effective supplements. Thorne’s supplements are strictly made with rigorous testing and the best ingredients to ensure high quality. Totoro understands that Thorne is in the “service industry, at the end of the day. We want you to be as healthy as you can be for as long as you can be.” If the product isn’t improving the overall quality of life, it’s not doing its job. “[Thorne is] altruistically driven, and that isn’t [a factor] in other supplement companies,” explains Totoro.

In an industry with a bad rap, supplements tend to be a money-driven business. Thorne is setting the bar high in terms of quality control. Many of Thorne’s supplements are backed by NSF Certified for Sport. They provide peace of mind to professional athletes whose livelihood depends on clean testing before a performance. If a supplement had a filler, which may not be dangerous to an individual, but is considered illegal in a sport, the athlete’s career could be on the line. Thorne’s high standards honor that athletes’ careers depend on reliable products.

Thorne offers personalized, scientific testing and solutions so that individuals can create custom supplement regimens. Totoro explains that Thorne empowers its customers with “individual control and understanding.”

While Thorne’s standards are a huge differentiator, Totoro explains, “what’s really exciting is the fact that we have partners in the medical space.” Recently, Thorne developed a supplement for brain health after a concussion with The Mayo Clinic. The supplement gives the brain the nutrients to support cell growth, ultimately benefitting memory and focus.

From professional athletes to laypeople, Thorne provides the tools for individuals to improve and maintain their health. After all, as Totoro says, “you are the CEO of you,” and you have to “do what’s best for you.”

As the CEO of his health, Totoro’s supplement routine is customized. Magnesium is what introduced him to Thorne. And he’s excited about the development of leucine (found in SynaQuell, which supports cognition and focus) and Theanine  (helps modify brain waves by increasing alpha-wave production. It also enhances brain neurotransmitters involved in stress management.)

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