When Sports Meets Business Strategies: How A Former NFL Player Became A Success In The World Of Business

July 12, 2023
Rafael Abreu


Over the past decade, we’ve seen an increasing intersection of sports and business, with athletes moving beyond their sports roles into entrepreneurship, investing, brand-building, and business strategies. As the sports industry’s global value is projected to reach $623.6 billion by 2027, the question of how athletes transition into business becomes more pressing. Furthermore, with research showing that 80% of retired NFL players go broke within three years of leaving their sport, the stakes are high. Can the principles learned inside the white lines of a football field transition into successful business?

This compelling topic is addressed in the latest episode of Game Changers. Host Katie Steinberg talks with Merril Hoge, former NFL running back and renowned sports analyst, a man who has proven himself both on the field and in the boardroom. As someone who has authored multiple books on business, he is able to bring his unique perspective to the discussion of business strategies.

In this episode, Steinberg and Hoge discuss:

  • The parallels between sports and business and how principles learned on the football field can be applied to business strategies.
  • The importance of integrity and self-reflection in achieving personal and professional success.
  • The powerful effect of setting goals, visualizing them, and taking inventory of your progress towards them.

Merril Hoge, born and raised in Idaho, is a former NFL running back for the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers. Apart from his successful sports career, he is known for his work as an author, philanthropist, and sports analyst for ESPN. His insightful perspectives on the connection between sports and business have made him a sought-after speaker and thought leader in the field.

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