PGA vs LIV: The Battle for the Present and Future of Golf

With the U.S. Open this weekend, tensions among the professional golf community are reaching new heights. Golf professionals are being courted to a more immediately lucrative fairway with the Saudi-backed LIV Tour, and in challenging the PGA’s dominance over the sport, the LIV Tour has put pros in a tough spot. Do they choose a more-guaranteed payout in an often financially-cutthroat sport? Or do they stick with the organization that promises a chance at an unmatched legacy?

MarketScale’s Tyler Kern hosts a live roundtable on the future of professional golf with legendary sports agent Leigh Steinberg and WashU’s Sports Business Program Director Dr. Patrick Rishe, posing the most important questions for the sport: Will the PGA be able to hold off LIV? What can the PGA do to maintain competitive payouts for pros? Will LIV be able to withstand PGA’s market dominance and be a legitimate challenger? And will the media and fans even be interested in an alternative to golf’s legacy tournament?

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