Leigh Steinberg

Chairman of the Board Steinberg Sports & Entertainment

Leigh Steinberg, premier sports agent, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and Chairman of Leigh Steinberg Sports and Entertainment Holdings, is best known for his work building athletes into stand-alone brands. He is often credited as the real-life inspiration for the Oscar-winning film Jerry Maguire. Leigh has represented many of the most successful athletes and coaches in football, basketball, baseball, hockey, boxing, and golf, including the number one overall pick in the NFL draft for an unprecedented eight times in conjunction with 64 total first round picks. With an unrivaled history of record-setting contracts, Leigh has secured over $4 billion for his 300+ pro athlete clients and directed more than $1 billion to various charities around the world.

Doctor of Law (J.D.) 1970 - 1973
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Political Science and Government 1967 - 1970
image-72 Brand Strategy
image-39 Sports Business
image-36 Sports Management
public-relation Public Relations
image-2023-10-05T064037.069 Media Strategy

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The fact digital and physical realms increasingly intersect nowadays, the concept of NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) is altering the fabric of amateur sports and video games. Once limited to athletic prowess and academic achievements, today's college athletes are fast becoming social media influencers, business moguls, and gaming enthusiasts.

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College Athletes Ponder NIL Deals Through Their University vs. Official License Agreements. Why Not Both?

Leigh Steinberg - September 6, 2023

College Athletes could enter a golden age with NIL deals available through official Licensing contracts and now localized University agreements. Is this a case of choosing one over the other?

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How Leigh Steinberg Created the Model for Modern Agents

Leigh Steinberg - August 13, 2021

The fans remember the highlights but the franchises remember the technology, data, and inventions that powered their season. Host Tyler Kern sits down with the innovators, leaders and founders that are taking sports into the future.

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