Rethinking Baseball: Saving America's Pastime

A study published by Gallup found that only 9% of Americans list baseball as their favorite sport to watch. That’s the lowest total since Gallup first started conducting this study back in 1937.

However, a recent article in the Wall Street Journal suggests that overall participation in America’s pastime is surging, indicating a rekindled interest in the game. The question facing owners and executives now is how to capitalize on this trend, turning a casual game of catch into a lifelong love of the game.

Today’s podcast looks at three areas where baseball can improve. First, we talk to Jesse Cole, Owner of the Savannah Bananas. He focuses in on the entertainment aspect of the game, insisting that teams need to focus on making the game an experience for fans. In the second feature, Alec Weber from Blinkfire Analytics joins the show to talk about merging sports and social media. How are other leagues utilizing these tools and what could Major League Baseball be doing better?


Creating the Daytona Experience

What will it look like to attend sporting events in the future? One thing is for sure, our world is becoming increasingly connected thanks to the availability of internet access. On this episode of the podcast, Marybeth Hall from Brown Pelican returns to explain the process of providing WiFi at Daytona International Speedway and how a future of 5G and WiFi working together could revolutionize how we experience live sports.

Also on this week’s show, we take a look at how Spring Training impacts cities like Surprise, AZ, where every year 200,000 people visit to enjoy the first signs of a new baseball season. Kendra Pettis, Sports & Tourism Director for the city of Surprise, AZ, joins the show to discuss the impact to the city.


Connecting Daytona International Speedway

What goes on behind the scenes of the biggest sporting events in the world? For every successful event there are a myriad of logistics that have to be worked out for the event to work. One of the companies doing that work behind the scenes is Brown Pelican Wifi and they join us on this week’s episode of the podcast to talk about providing wifi for a race team at Daytona International Speedway.


A Super Aftermath for the Super Bowl

Coming off of Super Bowl 53, it’s safe to say that even with a slow game and mixed reviews on the halftime performance, the impact of the Super Bowl remains for months, even years after the stadium lights shut off. We wanted to look into that aftermath from three different angles. We’ll explore the costs versus the benefits for a city to host a Super Bowl, the impact of low Super Bowl ratings on networks, and we’ll dissect the Spongebob Squarepants petitions, its snub at the half-time show and how it prompted the Dallas Stars to cash in on the hype authentically.


MarketScale Sports & Entertainment 02/01/19: From Blocking & Tackling to Blockchain

On this week’s episode of the MarketScale Sports & Entertainment podcast, we take a look at the longterm viability of the sport of football and some of the people who are most affected by it with author Rob Ruck. Our second feature of the show takes a look at how blockchain can make a difference in the world of entertainment, cutting out middlemen and ensuring money makes it into the right hands. We wrap up the show by examining the Super Bowl from multiple different angles, discussing the logistics, security, and economic impact of the big game.


MarketScale Sports & Entertainment 01/25/19: Should We Invest in MiLB Players and Emerging Tech?

Today’s Sports & Entertainment Podcast Show explores where people in and outside of the industry are putting their hard-earned dollars. As culture around certain sports and how they’re played continues to fluctuate, it opens doors for new forms of success. With this episode, we aim to answer: how are professional sports teams finding creative ways to empower their leadership, in turn bringing the best tech to their players? We’ll also ask: why are investors looking to minor league baseball players as their next opportunity? The founder of TechFoundry and a sports marketing professor give their expert insight.


MarketScale Sports & Entertainment 1/16/19: Building a Winner From Scratch with Wren Baker

What does it take to build a consistent winning program? That’s the question being asked on a daily basis by everyone from athletic directors, to coaches, to business owners. Everyone wants to win, but few possess the ability to draw up the blueprint to make it happen.

Since his arrival in Denton, Texas in July 2016, Wren Baker, Vice President and Director of Athletics at the University of North Texas, has built a program that has ascended out of the doldrums of the NCAA and onto the map. Establishing a long-term presence in the national consciousness is his next challenge, and it might prove to be more difficult than getting them there in the first place.


Sports & Entertainment 01/14/19: A Brave New World for Bodybuilding

This episode of the MarketScale Sports & Entertainment podcast focuses on building. We talk to Jeff O’Connell, Editor in Chief of BodyBuilding.com, about the growth of sport and how social media has really changed the game. Then, we have a teaser for a full length interview coming later this week with the Vice President and Director of Athletics at the University of North Texas, Wren Baker. He talks about the challenge of building a consistent winner at a school that hasn’t had that experience before.


Sports & Entertainment 1/4: The Common Bond of Sports

This week’s episode of the MarketScale Sports & Entertainment podcast opens with some evidence that NFL hasn’t slipped as much in terms of popularity has many have tried to claim. We have the numbers to illustrate why the NFL is still king when it comes to viewership in the United States.


MarketScale Sports & Entertainment: A Conversation with Erin Patton

Have you ever had one of those conversations that you were enjoying so much that you didn’t realize how much time had passed? That’s what it was like to talk to Erin Patton about his days working with Michael Jordan and what he’s doing now with AMPlifi Sports. The conversation went longer than we initially anticipated so we decided to release it as a bonus episode for people to enjoy it its entirety.


Sports & Entertainment 12/21: The History of Tech in Sports Science

In most industries there is a domino that can be pointed to as the first innovation that started a chain reaction, forever changing the way people in that industry think. Skylar Richards, Head Athletic Trainer and Director of Sports Science for FC Dallas, joined the podcast to explain the recent history of sports science and to talk about the innovation that launched his industry forward.

Also included in this week’s episode is a roundtable discussion about the number of college football bowl games that are played each year. Have we reached a saturation point where there are simply too many bowl games? Are advertisers and broadcasters getting their money’s worth out of these games or are we seeing people get bored with the entire process? MarketScale’s VP of Business Development Tim Maitland and Director of Analytics Thomas Riley hopped in the studio for the discussion.


Sports & Entertainment 12/14: The Art of Growth

The right environment is essential if you want something to grow. Plants need fertile soil, sun, and water to grow and maintain health. Today’s episode of the MarketScale Sports & Entertainment podcast focuses on growth, both in a horticultural and business sense. Allen Reed, Director of Stadium Grounds for Toyota Stadium joins the podcast to talk about the art of growing grass and keeping a consistent playing surface, come hell or high water. We also catch up with Johnathon Angers of Ngage eSports to talk about the massive growth of eSports and how the music industry is getting involved.


Sports & Entertainment, 12/7: New Experiences & Better Content

The world of sports and entertainment has been undergoing a major paradigm shift in how we consume content. Consumers are more frequently looking to their mobile devices and to social media to keep them informed and entertained. Platforms like Netflix and YouTube have a massive impact on the viewing habits of public. On this episode of the MarketScale Sports & Entertainment podcast, we discuss some of the ways content is changing to accommodate the shift in how people are consuming media.


Sports & Entertainment 11/30: Smarter Social Media & Sports Science

Sports teams have thousands and in some cases millions of followers across their social media channels. The question that many of these teams face is, what do we do now? How do they leverage these followers in a way that benefits the organization while still providing engaging content for their fans?


Sports & Entertainment, 11/20/18: Predicting & Preventing Injuries

On today’s episode of the MarketScale Sports & Entertainment Podcast, we’re gong to focus on predicting and preventing potential injuries. As organizations have gotten smarter about building winning teams, we’ve seen injuries remain as one of the biggest and most frustrating challenges. The two individuals we talked to for our feature pieces this week, Dr. Phil Wagner and Matt Schmit, are focused on helping teams and athletes more accurately predict and prevent future injuries.