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Closing the Books: National Licensure in the Collections Industry

A collections agency that is nationally licensed ensures compliance within each state it operates. Chris Morris, VP of Client Success at IC System, spoke with Tyler Kern about the Read more


Go Paperless: Moving from a Manual to Electronic Tracking System
March 29, 2023

Many medical instruments are reusable, which has made tracking them through the sterilization process very important. These instruments often require inspection, maintenance, and sterilization to ensure maximum patient safety. Some healthcare facilities still track their instruments with paper and pen, exposing them to human error, credibility, time-consuming recalls, and boxes of archives that need to be stored. […]

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ProvenDB Goes All-In On Hedera and AlwaysNFT Helps Cover Your Assets
March 28, 2023

As it becomes more popular, blockchain is becoming known for one permanent feature: trust. Big tech corporations across the world, like IBM, are starting to use and build blockchains, not only for themselves but for their consumers. On the downside, popular blockchains like Ethereum can not only be expensive, but extremely variable, making it difficult […]

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Gossip about Gossip: How Platforms Provide Content Creators with Cryptocurrency Payment
March 28, 2023

In the rapidly growing world of cryptocurrency, getting paid for certain types of content via the digital medium is a lot more layered than meets the eye. According to Cointelegraph, the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened crypto payments as there was an increase of these payments. As content creators use various web platforms to promote and […]

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Closing the Books: National Licensure in the Collections Industry
March 15, 2022

A collections agency that is nationally licensed ensures compliance within each state it operates. Chris Morris, VP of Client Success at IC System, spoke with Tyler Kern about the ins and outs of being nationally licensed in the collections industry. Becoming a nationally licensed collections agency is a complex, intricate process that can take a […]

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Closing the Books: Patient Advocacy in Healthcare from the Provider to Collections
June 15, 2021

What does patient advocacy look like in 2021, and how has COVID-19 impacted the healthcare system from the patient to the provider and collection agencies? Kristina Gursky, Director of Healthcare Client Success at IC System, and Kenny Koerner, Director of Revenue Cycle at CGH Medical Center, helped host Tyler Kern break down this important and […]

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Closing the Books: Scorecards for Success in Debt Collection
April 15, 2021

Mike Selbitschka joined IC System fresh out of high school. Now IC System’s Vice President of Operations, Selbitschka knows a thing or two about the collections industry. And the best tool he knows for measuring success is the scorecard. There are multiple scorecards used to track performance. Some, Selbitschka said, come from IC System’s clients, […]

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Inside IC System’s Successful Partnership with Genomind
March 15, 2021

Bryan Campbell, Business Development Manager with IC System, and Tom Hess, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Genomind, join Tyler Kern to discuss the companies’ successful working relationship forged during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Compliance and Risk Management in the Collections Industry
January 15, 2021

Michelle Dove wears a lot of different hats as a General Counsel and Compliance Officer for IC System. She provides legal advice on many issues that might face the company. Dove shared her thoughts and experiences on compliance and risk management challenges in a collection agency setting. The collection industry follows strict regulatory statutes, […]

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How to Manage a Collection Agency Successfully
December 15, 2020

A healthy and prosperous collection agency needs a recovery management software solution that can put it one step ahead of the competition. Karen Jonas, Senior Vice President of Field Sales for IC System, and Thom Majka, Director of Business Development, DebtNext discussed the partnership between the collection agency and software platform provider and how […]

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Closing the Books: Training & Developing Representatives to Succeed
November 16, 2020

To create a winning formula for a compassionate and empathetic approach to the collections’ process, Allison Johnson, Training & Development Manager at IC System, knows the secret is in training. A well trained and developed team of collection representatives are the backbone of any collection agency, and Johnson was excited to share her approach. […]

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What Businesses Should Seek Out when Choosing a Collection Agency
September 14, 2020

Debt collection isn’t a new business. It has evolved dramatically since IC System’s founding over 80 years ago. With regulations, technology and a changing economy, organizations need a debt collection partner they can trust. Bryan Campbell, Business Development Manager of IC System, shared his expert advice for those that need help with receivables. “A partnership […]

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