There are so many different types of gasoline available on the market now, including ones with various levels of ethanol. Unfortunately for the consumer, there is not much education available at the pump or even behind the counter. How are they expected to know which type of gasoline is best for their car, boat, or outdoor power tools?

In this episode of Talkin’ Shop with Walbro, host Daniel Litwin, the Voice of B2B, sits down with Bob McCue, the company’s Channel Marketing Director. McCue covers the rules and regulations behind ethanol gas, why the EPA currently does not allow some gas stations to sell E15 during the summer or during high smog season, and why that might all be changing this year.

E15 can be extremely dangerous for outdoor power equipment, more so than even putting it into an automobile, since cars cycle through it (and therefore burn it off) more regularly. On top of that, outdoor equipment is stored outdoors and is subject to the elements, sometimes creating sludge or corrosion in the tank. Whether it is the cost of a lawn mower or a new car, hundreds to thousands of dollars in engine repairs are a real hurt to the average consumer, and it often happens because they simply grab the wrong identical handle.

Listen to this episode to get more insight from McCue on how and where to get ethanol free gas for trending outdoor power equipment, and what the industry can do to protect consumers.

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