Transportation in urban areas has advanced far beyond subways, taxis and buses. Today customers expect door to door service, and with the options available to them in many cities, they are getting just that.

While Uber and Lyft are largely responsible for the changing dynamic of short-distance travel, they were not the first ones to think of new forms of personal mobility.

In Dallas, ridesharing company eFrogs has been shuttling passengers around the most popular areas for nightlife and business since 2010. The free trip service started with a business-to-consumer model, but Founding Partner Jeb Morris has shifted a significant amount of attention to B2B endeavors.

EFrogs partners with hotels, restaurants, convention centers and other businesses to set fixed ride schedules that provide more flexibility than buses, and personalized advertising opportunities.

On MarketScale Mornings, Morris explained why Dallas is an ideal place for new modes of transportation and why businesses are buying in to his electric vehicles.