Paving the Path to a Smooth Ride: Potholes are a Choice

Ten percent of drivers sustained vehicle damage great enough to warrant repair, with the average cost hovering around 600 dollars, according to AAA. Yikes…you may budget for regular car maintenance such as oil changes and getting new brakes, but who plans for pothole repairs? Probably no one.

But potholes are preventable, not just reparable. The key lies in preventing groundwater from getting into the pavement and freezing or melting, which can leave gaps.

“The largest detriment to any roadway in terms of deterioration is water. Prevent the water from getting into the surface, into the subgrade, into the base, and you will solve the problem of potholes in the first place,” explains James Golden, Host of Paving the Way.

So, what are some prevention techniques? Crack sealing is a great one to while the conditions are fair—while it’s not the most aesthetic, it does do the trick.

What about prevention management? Road condition assessments and pavement management plans can help to identify pavement issues up front and use data management to instigate a prevention plan.

So, potholes are avoidable, and not just through swerving on the road. James Golden, Host of Paving the Way and Founder and CEO of Pavement Management Group, explains the best ways to prevent potholes from forming on the road through proactive rather than reactive methods.

Article written by Cara Schildmeyer

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