Tesla Wins Key Battle for EV Charging Dominance with GM & Ford Partnerships. Has It Won the War?

June 18, 2023


It’s almost a truism at this point that Tesla has the strongest brand presence and strategy in the whole EV market. Though they’re still outpaced globally by Chinese firm BYD, Tesla is the leading U.S. manufacturer for electric vehicles and as of Q1 2023, is only increasing its profits and market share. And earlier this month, Tesla secured another win that’s further reshaping competitive strategy in the EV market.

In a groundbreaking move, General Motors (GM) announced a partnership with Tesla to utilize Tesla’s expansive North American charging network. This strategic alliance will enable GM vehicles to access 12,000 of Tesla’s fast chargers and, maybe even more importantly, will install Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) charging port in GM EVs from 2025.

GM now joins Ford in being one of the top U.S. automotive OEMs to leverage Tesla charging tech in its EVs, a move that is expected to save GM up to $400 million in its own planned EV charging infrastructure investments.

So why is this partnership such a big deal?

On this episode of The Big Deal, host Daniel Litwin, the Voice of B2B, sits down with Dr. Dave Tuttle, Research Associate at the Energy Institute at the University of Texas at Austin, to figure out if Tesla has really won the EV charging wars. The two analyze the new GM partnership and what it means for the rest of the electric vehicle industry, from OEMs and city planners to EV buyers and drivers. Dr. Tuttle and the Voice of B2B give their analysis and hot takes on…

  • Potential dilution of Tesla’s exclusive brand status with more vehicles using Tesla charging stations
  • The possibility of Tesla solidifying its industry lead through a verticalized market share
  • Benefits and downsides to Tesla’s proprietary technology becoming a standard for EV charging
  • How other OEMs will need to rethink their competitive market strategies

At the Energy Institute, Dr. Tuttle’s research interests involve electric vehicle (EV) adoption, grid integration, alternative fuels, and advanced powertrain vehicles, focusing on their impacts on the electric grid and renewable energy systems. A former executive at IBM and Sun Microsystems, Dr. Tuttle is an expert in electrical engineering with degrees from the University of Louisville and UT-Austin, the latter where he also earned an MBA. He’s also a Tesla owner and avid EV driver.

The Big Deal turns office small talk into a big deal, giving you the analysis, hot takes, and insights to help you understand the biggest piece of market-shaking, headline-grabbing news for the week. The Big Deal is hosted by Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin and presented by MarketScale, airing every Wednesday at 10 AM CT on MarketScale.com.


Article written by Daniel Litwin.

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