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The Big Deal Airbnb revenue collapse
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  The last couple of weeks have been littered with headlines sounding the alarms on the short-term rental market. As one key viral tweet framed it, new data shows Airbnb is collapsing; revenue is tanking for Airbnb properties across key metros in the U.S. from Phoenix and New Orleans to Austin and Denver. According to […]

video game development
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  Video games come in all shapes and sizes, but they carry a shared foundation. Whether it’s a chill gardening simulator or an intense sprawling medieval fantasy, underneath all the bells and whistles of most modern AAA games lies a critical foundation of story. Storytelling is still one of the strongest tools game developers have […]

Tesla EV charging wars GM Ford
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  It’s almost a truism at this point that Tesla has the strongest brand presence and strategy in the whole EV market. Though they’re still outpaced globally by Chinese firm BYD, Tesla is the leading U.S. manufacturer for electric vehicles and as of Q1 2023, is only increasing its profits and market share. And earlier […]