The Benefits of Transhield Shrink Wrap Covers for Boats

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A boat is a significant purchase for anyone. But imagine the reaction when a newly purchased boat arrives at the dealership scuffed and dirty due to improper shipping wrap.

Bob Phillips, Sales Engineer, Transhield, and Bob vanVollenhoven, VP, Sales and Marketing, Stingray Boats, understand the personal nature of a boat purchase. Their mission is to ensure a customer’s boat purchase arrives in mint condition every time.

Stingray Boats has used a variety of methods for shipping their boats over the past 40 years, but, for most of that time, they used the traditional shrink wrap process. But ordinary shrink-wrapping methods require special tape for wrapping the boats, and the tape leaves behind a residue that dealers need to clean up.

“You also have to make sure there are no gaps when using shrink wrap, because any wind or air on the delivery truck can cause that shrink wrap to lose its performance and possibly fall off,” vanVollenhoven said.

Two years ago, Stingray Boats transitioned to Transhield covers.

“The difference is, when the dealer gets their boats delivered with Transhield, we’ve seen a major reduction in shipping damage warranty because of the tight fit and the quality of the material Transhield uses,” vanVollenhoven said.

What makes Transhield covers such an effective product?

“It’s a two-layer material,” Phillips said. “On the exterior side, you’ve got the traditional shrink wrap. Inside, there’s a polyester, non-woven material that’s laminated on the underside. This side rests directly up against the surface of the boat. The material will absorb moisture, breathe and drive that moisture out, so it’s not getting trapped between the boat and the cover.”

This cover is robust, and its thicker material provides better protection than shipping boats in traditional shrink wrap.

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