With Record Demand, Can Uber Get Drivers Driving Again?

The economy is slowly opening back up as the country sees vaccinations increase while COVID-19 cases decrease. Consumers are reopening the door to Uber. In March 2021, Uber saw gross bookings hit an all-time high.

The issue? They don’t yet have enough drivers to meet demand.

Host Hilary Kennedy talked with Janeesa Hollingshead. Co-Founder of JJ Studio, a consulting boutique that helps startups grow their user base, launch markets, and streamline their operations. Hollingshead previously joined Uber in 2015 to launch and develop their rides business. Next, she led UberEats’ launch strategy in the midwest.

The duo talked on Marketscale TV about Uber’s current driver shortage. To get drivers back on the road, Uber is offering a $250 million “Driver Stimulus” to boost earnings for existing drivers and get former drivers back on the road.


“At the end of the day, most people who use these platforms are doing so to make money,” Hollingshead said. “So, incentives are a given there, that if you pay more and have higher incentives, you’re going to incentive, or motivate, people to either come back to work or spend a few more hours on the platform.”


According to Hollingshead, many of these companies need workers, and they are well-funded, so they have the money to give incentives. The important intangibles will determine each company’s success. An example of this would be how an employee feels treated by the company.

“Really what it’s going to come down to in terms of individual companies’ success with this is really competing on the intangibles,” Hollingshead said.


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