Drop Arm Care Cliner V02 – A Champion of Utility and Comfort

April 11, 2023


Key Points:

  • Fashionable yet versatile and practical.
  • The hospital recliner fit for the next James Bond villain.
  • Ideal for clinic, hospital, and long-term care environments.


This video showcases everything you need to know about the Drop Arm Care Cliner V02, also known as the Champion Chair. It begins by highlighting the design, which is simple yet intuitive and easy to maintain, use, and visually appealing. The steel frame provides durability, and the all-inclusive design makes it an excellent choice for extended care, particularly for oncology and dialysis patients. It eliminates pressure points and offers superior comfort.

Additionally, the elastic seat base and flush arm drops make it easy to transport patients, and the upholstery is stain, water, and fireproof, meeting the CA 117 and TB 133 standards. You can access the recliner from either side, reducing patient discomfort. The Bariatric drop recliner has non-porous blow-molded construction and fold-down side trays on both sides.

The Champion Chair also offers optional heating and massage functions for relaxation and pain management. You can customize it with nylon and steel casters in various colors and sizes, including standard and extra-large. Overall, this recliner is ideal for a variety of environments, including hospitals, clinics, dental offices, and care homes.

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